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September, October 2022 - all sessions are virtual

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Thursday 15 September

Developments in OTT

In this session, we will explore the current features and trends in streaming, including how it relates to other media, with a short update on some regulatory developments.

Speakers: David Pahl, DLA Piper | Alex Steinberg, DLA Piper | Siona Spillet, DLA Piper | Darach Connolly, DLA Piper |  Pete Giorgio, Deloitte | Tom Graham, ITV Plc

Keeping pirates at bay – exploring anti-piracy strategies

This session looks at developments in the commercial and legal armoury for tackling piracy, thereby maximising the value in treasured content. 

Speakers: Ruth Hoy, DLA Piper| Alexander Tsoutsanis, DLA Piper | Matthew Hibbert, Sky | Jaani Riordan, 8 New Square

Women in media and entertainment –current challenges and opportunities for the sector

In this session, we will explore the opportunities and challenges in the media and entertainment sectors. Our panel of leading senior women working in the industry will discuss various issues, including approaches to digitalization, legal challenges and the sector’s future.

Speakers: Claire Sng, DLA Piper | Imogen Holmgren, Pearson Plc | Sarah Riaz, Pearson Plc | Emma Cowland, We Are Social | 

Building production infrastructure

Demand for media, entertainment and content in general has been steadily rising year on year, with a significant spike experienced during worldwide lockdowns due to the pandemic.  The need for production facilities has been rising as a result of this increased demand.  This makes investment in production facilities an increasingly attractive commercial opportunity as well as a necessity for stakeholders across the media and entertainment spectrum.

In this session we will explore the growth of investment in production facilities and the importance of world-class facilities in attracting investment from around the globe.

The session will be chaired by Jamie Ryder, Partner and head of IPT for the Middle East and co-chair of DLA Piper’s international Film sub-group. Jamie will be joined by:

Speakers: Jamie Ryder, DLA Piper | Jason Hariton, Hackman | Hans Fraikin, Abu Dhabi Film Commission | Emeka Mba, QuestechMedia

Force majeure and frustration in the media, sport and entertainment sector

This session will consist of a game of two halves as Sohail Ali, Joe Roselius, and Marie Fegan will be joined by Mhawash Farooq (Senior Legal Counsel of BBC Sounds) to explore how the playing field (or the law in this instance) has recently evolved in relation to force majeure and frustration and what implications and ramifications this will have on contracting parties in the UK and across the globe in a media, sports and entertainment context.

Speakers: Sohail Ali, DLA Piper | Marie Fegan, DLA Piper | Joe Roselius, DLA Piper | Mhawash Farooq, BBC

Square peg, four-dimensional hole: Applying existing regulatory frameworks to the Metaverse

The metaverse is not “new”, but there is no denying it’s increasingly becoming a focal point of media, sports and entertainment industries.  This interest is owed in large part to rapidly developing technology and connectivity, which make it apparent that it will not only be feasible but likely that we will live, at least part-time, in a hyper-connected, digital world—if we don’t already.  What will be the framework for this new society, both form a legal and ethical perspective?  Are we already playing catch-up, given that we still haven’t figured out the contours of how to govern the Internet in its current “Web 2.0” form?  Ryan Black (DLA Canada) will moderate this discussion with Tom Ara (DLA US), Yue Lin Lee (DLA Hong Kong) and Micaela Mantegna (TED Fellow, Berkman Klein Center at Harvard affiliate,  Women  in Games Argentina founder) as we explore the potentials and pitfalls inherent in the development of the metaverse.

Speakers: Ryan Black, DLA Piper | Tom Ara, DLA Piper | Yue Lin Lee, DLA Piper | Micaela Mantegna

The ins and outs of sports wagering market access agreements

The laws and economics around sports wagering market access agreements continue to evolve as more states legalize retail and mobile sports wagering, with some jurisdictions offering innovative approaches to market participants. Further, the market participants in each jurisdiction may vary widely depending upon political capital and market economics. This presentation will explore the legal and economic considerations in sports wagering market access agreements for professional sports teams, leagues and professional sporting venues throughout the US. 

Speakers: Tim Lowry, DLA Piper | Mike Peacock, DLA Piper | James O’Sullivan, FC Dallas

Crisis management

This session focuses on what happens when things go wrong!  How do you prepare for that eventuality; what do you do when a potential crisis hits; how should you manage any resulting investigative steps; what needs to be considered once the dust begins to settle?  These are all questions that we will discuss during the session, in the company of Jon Brown and Felix Vetter, two highly experienced forensic accountants and investigators from Ankura.

Speakers: Will White, DLA Piper | Laura Ford, DLA Piper | Jonathan Brown, Ankura | Felix Vetter, Ankura

Sports data

Coming soon…

Speakers: Nick Fitzpatrick, DLA Piper | Sam Szlezinger, DLA Piper | Adrian Ford, Football Dataco | Paul Leyland, Regulus Partners | Chris Gerstle, European Leagues

In this session, Sandra Oyewole will moderate a conversation around the growth trends in film and sports in Africa. Ego Boyo, the Founder and Managing Director of Temple Productions & Temple Media; and Victor Williams, the Chief Executive Officer, National Basketball Association (NBA) Africa will join in the discussion which will focus on trends in finance, talent, infrastructure, data, convergence of media and sports, content and much more. Opportunities and challenges will also be explored.  

Speakers: Sandra Oyewole, DLA Piper Africa | Ego Boyo, Temple Productions | Victor Williams, NBA Africa

Women in sport – using cryptoassets to create brand and pay parity

In this session, we will explore the current landscape, progress and issues relating to brand and pay parity in women’s sports and the role cryptoassets are beginning to play in the sports world. We will discuss the opportunities and challenges in this space, including the unique way in which NFTs are being used to close the gender pay gap and thoughts on the regulatory climate and the outlook for the future.

Speakers: Claire Sng, DLA Piper | Christina Sharma, DLA Piper |Kristi Swartz, DLA Piper | Lauren Gibbs, Parity | Ashley Mitchell, Parity | Anastasia Kinsky, GBBC Digital Finance

Latest issues on NFTs

Speakers: Alex Steinberg, DLA Piper | Michael Fluhr, DLA Piper | Susan Shelton Vigon, Blockchain Creative Labs (BCL) | Gabrielle Dorais, Sorare

Sustainability and major events

Speakers: Nick Fitzpatrick, DLA Piper | Daniel Adeyemi, DLA Piper | Christian Hartmann, GSBS | Caroline McGrory, Commonwealth Games

When headliners are side-lined: How criminal convictions affect the global mobility of talent

In this session, we will explore how criminal convictions impact on the MSE sector, particularly for high profile individuals with historic convictions. We will discuss changes to the UK Immigration Rules in December 2020 which now create a more discretionary, subjective approach to criminal convictions, which will cause further uncertainty for this sector where talent is tricky to substitute.

Speakers: Lisa Keating, DLA Piper | Kate Hodgkiss, DLA Piper

Online harms and media regulation

Speakers: Duncan Calow, DLA Piper | David Cook, DLA Piper | Anika Kruse, DLA Piper | Darach Connolly, DLA Piper | Lord Tim Clement-Jones CBE, Member of the Joint Select Committee on the Draft Online Safety Bill (2021-22) 

Renewed challenges to old ways of working

Join us to hear employment law practitioners discuss the future of work and current trends in the Media Sport and Entertainment sector.

As sector clients worldwide continue to grapple with status misclassification challenges arising from long established working models amidst an aggressive war on talent, our employment lawyers working in the sector will share their insights and top tips for effective risk management, while examining lessons learned from recent litigation in the space.

Speakers: Jonathan Exten-Wright, DLA Piper | Joe Piesco, DLA Piper | Julie Dunne, DLA Piper | Jen Holyoake, DLA Piper | Jan Colhoun, DLA Piper

Recent developments in the music sector: An interview with Sherrese Clarke Soares (Founder & CEO, HarbourView Equity)

Speakers: Rob Sherman, DLA Piper | Sam Churney, DLA Piper | Sherrese Clarke Soares, HarbourView Equity Partners



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